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Get your happy ass on!!!


So you’re in a new relationship, you’re excited! You want to profess your love to the world!!! But when you do, the world says:
The bliss is only in the beginning.
This happiness is short-lived and when reality hits it’ll fade away.
You just met Mr./Ms. Such and Such, the real them isn’t out yet.

Now your excitement has faded and now you’re fearful. Listen, you have to understand something, unhappy people say unhappy people shit and if a person is unhappy in their own lives and they choose to exist in despair, that’s all they can see. They won’t be able to give you an optimist point of view and if you know they’re unhappy or jealous hearted, no matter how much you want their blessing, don’t expect them to. They can’t give you something they don’t presently have within themselves.

It’s like asking a prisoner for freedom. An advanced mind knows although he’s physically captive, his mind and spirit can be free. But to the mental and emotional prisoner, freedom is out of his realm of reality.

The truth is that Love can last, happiness and blissful experiences can stand the test of time, that’s not a myth or a mystery.


Two happy people is all it takes. Being a happy person adds a lot of other positive attributes to you: Patience, love, understanding and etc.

See, when you’re happy with yourself and your life before you enter a relationship, it’s easier for you to be yourself. You’re happy with you, you don’t know anything else. You don’t feel the need to be fake. You’re real and true.

You know that the sole individual responsible for your happiness is you. You understand your partner can add to the happiness that already resides within you but they cannot take it away.

When you’re happy, you take less things personal because you’re not on the defense and easily offended. When your partner is having a bad day, you know you’re not entitled to fix them or it. You just continue being your ole happy self and eventually they’ll feel better because they understand what it takes to elevate.


The scenario is completely different with a couple that consists of two unhappy people. One person is having a bad day. The other takes offense. They think it’s about them or they don’t give their partner the time they need to work through it. They nag or blame and now both parties have unproductive attitudes. They end up arguing over frivolous things and shit that doesn’t make sense. It’s the negative energy that exists in both of them.

So the next time you feel the need to skip your little happy go lucky and in love ass over melancholy Mindy’s house to share the news of your blossoming and loving sex pot of a relationship, think again.

Until we meet again suga pies,


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For Maya…#Homage

get_image4It’s been difficult to maintain a consistent level of concentration today. The connection we feel with a kindred soul is one that is hard to explain to the leman man’s mind. When I look into your eyes I feel the love flowing through from you to the depths of my heart. You paved the way for us. You gave us a voice. You showed us how to be brave enough to speak the thoughts so dear to our hearts. If I just had the chance to grace your face with my hand. To kiss you gently on the forehead with love, respect and honor. You graced us with your inner beauty, you trusted us with your story, a being supreme, the phenomenal woman Queen Maya Angelou. My love and admiration for you and for what you’ve done for us will never part from the words I will continue to speak until I cease to breathe.

Your friend, your sister, your mentee Tiffany Michellé

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Ah ha!

EmbraceLove yourself enough to recognize the insecurities within others and to give them the space and time they need to heal. If someone is confused about their identity, they have yet to come into who they are. If they cannot distinguish who they are, what makes you think that you have the ability to turn on their “ah ha” light in order for them to recognize who you are? It doesn’t work like that.

We cannot discover the identity of others until we first realize our own. Recognizing self comes from the love of self. If a person does not love themselves within every morsel of their being, they cannot love you. Release them and Embrace Yourself.

Until next time my loves,

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#Love #Ruckus

#Love #Ruckus

To be a soldier of love doesn’t mean that you’ll win every battle but at least you resist. At least you no longer allow the pain of the past or the fear of the unknown to eat you alive. At least you fight.

~ Tiffany MichellĂš

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The hunted…


The seeker couldn’t seek her until she sought herself. He couldn’t be seen until he saw himself ~ The love within discovered them.

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I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am not even my soul. If you take the time to look deep into my eyes, you too will see that I AM Life speaking.

~ Tiffany MichellĂš

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Scared Little Sissy Pants…

So I was sitting with some lady friends the other day and we are having a great time conversing about different things. We stopped to grab a bite to eat and due to the perfect weather we decided to dine outside. While we are sitting there, a few good looking, wait no great looking group of guys walk by. Normally I would be all in with the flirting but I am now off the market so I tried to convince my girls to go and speak to them. At that moment, I was blown away from what I was told. Although all these ladies are SINGLE and say they want men. They stated that they felt that it was beneath them to approach a man. And that it was the man’s job to approach them…hmmmm.

No matter how much that sounded like ancient thinking, I could identify with that mentality because I used to think in the same fashion. I didn’t think it was beneath me but I felt like this:

“I was in control of everything in my life. I ran a household and brought home the turkey bacon too. I wore the pants in most situations in my life so why would I want to wear them in regard to approaching a man too. I wanted to feel like the woman in all situations with a man.”

Well do you know where that kind of thinking got me? Absolutely freaking NOWHERE!! I was still single and men just weren’t approaching me. I’d hear from my guy friends that men were probably intimidated by me, I might look unapproachable and I looked like I already had a man. Umm? How can you get all that from a woman standing, smiling or knowing me back then dancing and holding a vodka and tonic (no lime, thank you)? vodka_tonic

I was tired of waiting so when I decided that I was going to make a conscious effort to start dating, I changed my mind game. I had to admit to myself that my not approaching men had nothing to do with not wanting to be controlling or gender roles; it was the fear of rejection. And I thought to myself if I’m scared to approach a man knowing he might reject me, a man is most likely scared to approach a woman because of the same reason.

Some women will use the excuse that there’s no good men out there but that’s some bullshit! There are plenty of great men in this world but if you don’t present yourself as available, you will not find one. I just heard somebody’s thought and it said, “A man is supposed to find a woman, not the other way around.” Well sweetie, you keep that mindset and let us know how well that works out for you. No one is beneath anyone, we are all on an equal playing field. Ladies, we are not so high and mighty to where it is beneath us to walk up to a gentleman, ask for his name and if he wants to go get some coffee. We are just scared and masking that fear with other excuses. While you’re waiting on him to approach you, there’s another woman who’s checking him out too. She’s standing right behind you, she’s bold and about to work her magic on the man who could’ve been your boo. Read this…Why He’s Single

I recall the exact day I decided that I was going to get some balls and put this new finding to action! I was at a local pharmacy and I saw a good looking man getting out of his car. I hyped myself up, put on my confident chick hat and said fuck it…all he can say is no. I repeated that to myself again, all he can say is no.

All they can say is “No!”

A “No” will not kill you! But for some reason, we think it will. We think a “No” says we aren’t good enough. We aren’t handsome or pretty enough. We aren’t smart enough. We take it personal when the person doesn’t even know us personally! It’s just an answer to a simple question and it shouldn’t kill you just because it’s not the answering you were hoping to get.

Stop allowing the fear of rejection to kill your confidence. Quit allowing it to kill your chances of dating and finding a person or people who youClown head could share beautiful experiences with. I’ve said this before in Awww poor baby, you’re S-I-N-G-L-E, you cannot get what you want by sitting on your hands waiting for it to fall out of the sky, land right in your lap and give you the bombest head you’ve ever had. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to get out of your comfort zone, be courageous and try something different in order to get different results. It’s just that simple.

And if you ever get the nerve to approach someone, which I hope you will TODAY, if they do say “No” don’t see it as rejection and then give up. See it as practice to becoming a more assertive you and pat yourself on the back for not continuing to be a scared little sissy pants!!!

Until we meet again my little sweet suga nutts,




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Leaping bounds, skipping lifetimes. That Malcolm & Betty kind of fidelity. Surpassing the passion that produces the soothing sounds of Coltrane whispering so sweetly. Brotha, you have me imagining. ‘Evidence of sexual cerebral desires drip from my skin. My finger tips tingle wanting to caress the remnants of him. I squirm and arch my back as his nectar blesses the tip of my tongue.’ My psyche’s vibrating. In my thoughts, I’ve cum. That wet dream kind of ecstasy. Our version of meant to be, defies gravity. That Ausar and Auset kind of adulation, that your breath created me kind of appreciation, that this could be nothing but the Creator kind of inclination. Tapping my foot to your rhythm as I dance in the wind, twirling on the tips of my toes, you lift me with your peace. Breaking through the space and time continuum, it has me caught up in the Matrix, that I don’t wanna wake up kind of infatuation. That baby right there, please don’t stop kind of situation. Caressing me, my soul’s levitating kind of admiration. Your existence speaks to me ceasingly. Until the tick tock on the clock stops captivate me, love me internally and without hesitation I’ll cherish you infinitely.

© 2014 Tiffany MichellÚ
(Pronounced Michel-lay)


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Douche bags, cock suckers, math and shitâ˜ș

You’re frustrated and everyone you’ve met in regard to dating has been a Douche bagdouche bag (my 2nd favorite word, after cock sucker). So now you’re done! Your mouth says, you’d rather stay single than to keep going through the bullshit! You’re mad, you don’t feel appreciated, you’re misunderstood and you feel like all of the good people in the world must be married, gay or in prison, Sound about right?

Well let’s see if I can help you gain a renewed perspective without hurting your little feelings.

As always to give you a little cushion as I like to do, I’ll begin with me. After years and years of dating the wrong people, I was emotionally exhausted. I had enough. I took a moment to sit down and I thought about my dating life. I thought about all of the decisions I made in my past in regard to people I dated and in that instant, a light bulb went off. The inner voice in my head said…Common Demon

No matter how mad this made my ego, my inner voice was right. I wouldn’t have been able to see or admit that to myself if I allowed myself to still be in the midst of the bullshit. But by that time I had removed myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was still angry. I was mad, I felt unappreciated and misunderstood and I began to believe that all the good people were either married, gay or in jail.

My inner guide (or whatever you choose to call it) was trying to get me to see that my major issue wasn’t the douche bags. My main issue was that for whatever reason, I picked them. In what I now call the ultimate surrender, I had to admit that the issue was me.


Now by no means am I saying that it’s ok to cheat, belittle, be selfish and treat people inappropriately. The douche bag cock suckers were wrong too. But their issues weren’t about me. Their issues were about them. If I hadn’t picked them, their actions wouldn’t have affected me.

So what I needed was the reasoning. Why did I continue to settle for people who didn’t deserve me? I was smart, beautiful, had big goals, grand aspirations and the determination to achieve it all but I’d date guys that sold drugs as their main “jobs,” guys who dropped out of high school and had no plans of completing their education, guys who were mean and angry and guys who cheated habitually. Now I’m not judging, everyone has their own journey but these were individuals who just didn’t match me.

So with all this being said, let me ask you something sweetie. Does this hit home for you? Are you a current dater hater because you are the common denominator?

(Puts hand under chin, cocks head to the right, lifts both eyebrows and patiently waits for an answer)

Until we meet again sweet sexy thangs,



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Help yourself to some Texas Tea ; )

Hey sweet peas! In this Vlog I’m bringing you up to speed on why I choose to Vlog, the trials of guiding others as well as myself and how I’ve grown sweetly on Texas tea. Enjoy my Enlightened @$$hole â˜ș! Put it on full screen so you can see, me so pretty lol.

This was in interesting experience to say the least. It’s one thing to put your words out in the atmosphere for all the world to hear but to add virtual physicality is a whole “notha” kind of experience.

Now you guys can see if I’m bullshitting you or telling the truth because I cannot hide my expressions lol. All and all I believe this will be truly amazing for both you and me!

Until next time my sweets,


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