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Silent Whispers ❀


You never know what someone is going through. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and not everyone feels comfortable self disclosing without being prompted. So when your spirit whispers to you to ask if someone’s ok, push your ego to the side and put love first. You never know, you listening might save a moment or even a life.

Until next time my sweets,
Tiffany Michellé

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“An environment where you can be yourself 24/7 & be accepted 100% without judgment. That’s home.”


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Until we meet again my loves,
Tiffany MichellĂš

Where the heart is…

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Like nature…


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From the RanDom ThouGhts of AlmostDating007

Banksy-life-is-beautifulIts our similarities that make life great but its how we respect and love one another despite our differences that can make it Beautiful.

Until next time my little sweet & sour pusses,


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