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​Whenever you find yourself appalled by someone’s behavior, surprised or even disgusted, remind yourself that your emotions and/or reactions are based on the expectation you’ve placed on that individual and their life. However that doesn’t mean that that’s their reality. 

Live long and prosper fockers 🖖, 

~ Tiffany MichellĂ© 

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Beautiful Bullshit, Part 2


Life is and will continue to be a trip. The key to life is not allowing the bullshit to keep you from recognizing the beauty, not allowing the beauty to blind you from seeing the bullshit, being cognizant that both concurrently exist and figuring out how you’re gonna deal with it. Sometimes you care, Sometimes you say #fuckit. That’s Life.

~ Tiffany Michellé

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#Love #Notes


A glimpse of a warranted reality momentarily, a fantasy. Pointless whispers, in moments of solitude, doubt almost won but your heart resisted. You loved me before you knew I existed. The thought of a mere possibility. You adored me when I was just a desire, a figment of your imagination. Before our first kiss, a presence missed. Compromised by my eyes. Consumed by my scent. Yearning my embrace. You’ve been loving me for a very long time and I bet you always will.
~ Tiffany MichellĂ© 💋

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The residue of the reflection of you absent of hue Lifeless The suns shines a little brighter since you’ve been gone When I recall your tone, I’m remember why I’d rather be alone When the Moon dictates the sky line my bones shake chills my feet grow cold That’s why they make blankets I should’ve known then as I know now I would’ve spent more time sipping wine, enjoying the moments as I unwind listening to jazz I should’ve got more ass…sets Saving my dimes and my mind Years of fear the time wasted But what can I say I was jaded Hiding behind rose colored glasses I hated I waited so long to leave You didn’t add to me Only my age increased I thought it was love but it was a disease An ailment that plagued my Soul I thought I was full An illusion I was empty I’ve come to my senses I’m different Stronger more realistic than I used to be You named my motives selfish for Loving me more than I did you Sipping wine unwinding in my moments in time listening to jazz getting more ass Glad our time has passed.
Tiffany Michellé
Copyright 2014

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Positive Patty meets Real Ass Rachel :-)

Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for their shortcomings. Recognize when someone is attempting to put their bs on you. Either call them out on it or from a distance remain silent but do not under any circumstances, accept that shit! 🙂


Until we meet again my loves,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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a figment of my imagination…

a figment of my imagination...

“A relation absent of authentic communication isn’t a tangible affiliation; it’s more like a mendacious association.”

Tiffany Michellé aka Almostdating007

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