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The people who reside in this world are not separate from us. On an inner level, we are all the same. We all need the same things in order to survive life. No matter our geographical location, are we not responsible for caring for our brothers and sisters? When children are dying due to lack of response and action from the government whether local, state or federal, are we not supposed to protest and demand change? Who are you if you choose not to? Who are you if you sit on your hands with your mouth closed and your energy stagnant while people are without what it takes for human beings to survive? Water. Who are we if we don’t care enough to say enough is enough and we actually do something about it?

America, who are we?

Tiffany Michellé
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How Trusting My Intuition Changed My Dating Life

How Trusting My Intuition Changed My Dating Life

Oh Wize One

People may judge me for this, but I love The Steve Harvey Show. My favorite segment on his show is Love Him or Leave Him. In this section of the show a woman usually expresses her relationship woes and asks should she “love her man or leave him”. It’s rare that Steve ever suggests that the women “love him.”  Steve gives great advice to the women who seek his wisdom but the interesting facet of this segment is the woman always knows whatever she is dealing with is out of line.

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It made me wonder,  why do women seek validation to leave a situation that they already know isn’t working? Women consult everyone in the process of a break up; our friends,  family, even Steve Harvey. Why don’t we listen to our intuition? If we listened to our first minds, we would save ourselves from so much anguish and wasted time.

There is

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The #Dating Series: Intentions


When you meet someone, if they’re truly interested in you, everything they do should match – how they pay attention to you, the questions they ask, the things they want to know about you. if they’re truly interested in you and who you are and what you can be for them and what they can be for you. not just what you like to eat or how are you are in bed but what makes you happy, what makes you smile, what makes you want to get up in the morning, what makes you sad, what makes you think. they should be interested in every single intricate detail of you and the being of who you are and everything they do should coincide with that. If everything doesn’t match, if everything they do, doesn’t match what they say then there’s an imbalance somewhere. at that point you need to make a decision as to if you want spend time in that person’s energy or not.

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