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Tiffany Michellé is a published writer of all sorts and she enjoys inspiring, motivating and educating others via her writing. Her first book, titled “Between Me & You” has had great reviews. Between Me & You” is a multifaceted masterpiece comprised of poetry & motivational thought on a ray of diverse levels. It is comprised of everything that life presents: Love, Man, Woman and Spirit. Her sophmore project, titled, “A Soul’s Stroll” is a 40 day journaling book geared towards guiding its readers to getting closer to the beautiful spirit within them. Both books are educational, enlightening and inspiring. Their contents touch every component of human and spiritual life and available at

Love is like cracked stained glass – beautifully broken

Love is like cracked stained glass – beautifully broken

We were all handed different perspectives and by now we’ve learned what follows when we mix diverse emotions and human experience – endless contradiction, like joyous affliction. Lifelines dropping doses that look quite different. my momma truly loved; it felt good. yours left, causing an adverse effect – anguish and shame. your father couldn’t see passed his own, mine the same. years later, countless failed relationships but ironically our partners are to blame. if you’ve lived this life the way they say you should, you’ve realized these preceding words are truth; even if hearing them doesn’t set right with you. now that we know this, what are we to do…

For me, L♥ve has been an awkwardly beautiful contradiction – passionate yet painful, fulfilling yet dissatisfied, freely confined etc. etc. clearly confusing right? nonetheless this voice in my head (don’t judge) keeps telling me that love isn’t supposed to hurt. unfortunately, i only need one hand to count the people who have never hurt me. now before you begin to get all down and out about this writing, this is not a sad love story. i don’t warrant sympathy and if you’ve had similar experiences i’m sure you don’t need anyone feeling sorry for your ass either. i don’t know about you but my soul desires answers and i hope the powers that Be are listening.


What’s the difference between love and true love? is there a part of love that’s fake and therefore someone felt the need to coin “true love?” is there a difference between loving someone and being in love? if so, what the hell is it? how do we distinguish love from the “stuff” people hand us beautifully wrapped and when you open it, its bullshit? is there a class we can take to make psychic abilities manifest so we could foresee the bullshit so we could Neo dodge that shit? (i’d pay extra.) does anyone truly know how to love without concurrently inflicting pain or are we all so messed up, no one really knows what love truly is? and this may be off topic but while we’re at it, what are fake friends? that’s like an oxymoron right? how can a friend be fake? inquiring hearts want to know.

Looking forward to hearing from you my awesome little fockers,

Tiffany Michellé

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​Whenever you find yourself appalled by someone’s behavior, surprised or even disgusted, remind yourself that your emotions and/or reactions are based on the expectation you’ve placed on that individual and their life. However that doesn’t mean that that’s their reality. 

Live long and prosper fockers 🖖, 

~ Tiffany Michellé 

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One antidote to stress is self-expression. That’s what happens to me every day. My thoughts get off my chest, down my sleeves and onto my pad. – Garson Kanin

In the book I’m currently reading titled, Awakened Mind by David Kundtz he states,

This is not merely an option, but an urgent necessity for healthy, wise 21st – century living. Find your “something” now-or very soon.

What David is referring to is that something you do that helps you deal; that something that aids you with coping with not only the manic of the world but also the stressors that come along with day to day life. As I’m reading this of course writing comes to mind. If you know me by now, you know without a doubt that writing is my something. As I read on I recall that as I’ve grown to prefer solitude as I’m coping with life, I’ve adopted a few somethings: music, working out, meditation, allowing myself to cry and embracing the silence.

In my past, I was ashamed to admit that life was getting to be too much for me.  I’ve always had a dominant personality and I felt like admitting I was stressed would make me seem weak. Have you ever felt that way?

How many hats do you wear? Who are you to each individual person in your life? Are you a parent, a friend, a sibling, a partner, a caregiver, a child, a boss, an employee or all the above? Think about it. Not only is that a lot of personalities to deal with every single day but it’s also a lot of responsibility. Now add finances, politics, religion, grief and loss, guilt, unresolved emotion, the effects of world events and everything else we experience to that list. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! How are we not all insane?!

So sit back and think about your life and all that comes with it, ask yourself what is your something. What do you do to deal with the ups, downs and all arounds of life? What practices help maintain your sanity in this insane world? And if you can’t think of anything at all…I suggest you do.

Live long and prosper beautiful fockers,

Tiffany Michellé 🖖

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Fuck that shit you spit about the stars in the skies above when we need to be talking about how these bitches I mean goddesses need love. Oh you mad though bro? Didn’t mommy and daddy give you what you need? Nah moms was gone and never even told you who pops was, did she? So now you wanna take that shit out on me. Ha! Isn’t it so ironic how fucked up folks shy away from therapy but are the most in need concurrently? I won’t exclude myself but you see that’s why I took up psychology. Relationships these days are the shit nah they are the shit nah I mean they are the shit! Literally! People walking around with multiple college degrees but inside they’re dying, handicapped by emotional dis-ease. The shit is mind boggling really. We live in a world tainted by unhealed souls begging for your heart as a hand out without the promise of reciprocation or self control. Fucking with these foolish mortals all you’ll get is absent intellect, a STD your fatherless seed can’t pronounce and no child support check. And that’s just from dealing with these males who mistakenly call themselves men. Let us not forget about the womb-man. Some of you broads are even worse. Less concerned with respecting your temple and more concerned with the next season’s designer purse. “Bag lady you gone hurt yo back dragging all them bags like that.”  Waiting for someone to come along to distract you from the introspection that needs to take place; too scared to stand alone in your own space. Why is it you think when you have someone you’re better but as soon as shit go south your self-security switches like the weather? Because you’re not! You live in an illusion girl! Basing your self-esteem off of a dream, a fantasy you were handed as a child. I’m referring to the lie they told you saying you’re incomplete. You were young and vulnerable so you made that a belief. Now you’re grown, so to speak. “I’ll be fine as soon as I can call him or her mine.” Are you deaf, dumb or are you blind? Can’t you see without self love you’re obsolete? Selling your soul for free in the between the sheets. The Isley Brothers were making love but baby you just getting fucked. Yeah that was harsh but you need to hear this shit, so imma give it to you raw and uncut. You’re not a victim, you’re a volunteer and you need to grow up. It makes no sense to be playing these games when all you’re doing is hurting yourself. As soon as they’re gone there you go feeling sorry for yourself. Why don’t you take a timeout and do what you need to do to eliminate self-doubt. Only then will you not have to fake like you’re the shit, you truly will be and you’ll have the internal work you accomplished to prove it, Just Like Me. 

~ Tiffany Michellé ✌

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Beautiful Bullshit, Part 2

Life is and will continue to be a trip. The key to life is not allowing the bullshit to keep you from recognizing the beauty, not allowing the beauty to blind you from seeing the bullshit, being cognizant that both concurrently exist and figuring out how you’re gonna deal with it. Sometimes you care, Sometimes you say #fuckit. That’s Life.

~ Tiffany Michellé

Link in bio, click it and buy shit 🖖

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Often we look down on ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. We neglect to understand that making mistakes is apart of life, it’s what’s makes us human. Learning from those mistakes and allowing those lessons to elevate us in our growth and to increase our understanding is what makes us beyond human; spiritual beings having a human experience. So forgive yourself, embrace your mistakes and learn in order to be a better you. 

Live long and prosper fockers,

Tiffany Michellé 🖖

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Me: Good morning

Her: Good morning, how are you?

Me: I am well this morning, how are you?

Her: Uhh I’ve been better but thanks for asking

Me: Hmmm…

Isn’t it interesting how we tend to quickly recall the times when we’ve been better but in moments when we’re down we neglect to remember the times when we’ve been worse?

How you see life is essential in regard to creating or depleting happiness. I wonder what she would’ve said if I’d responded “But I’m sure you’ve also been worse.” Maybe I should have…

Live long and prosper fockers 🖖,

Tiffany Michellé 

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