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Often we look down on ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. We neglect to understand that making mistakes is apart of life, it’s what’s makes us human. Learning from those mistakes and allowing those lessons to elevate us in our growth and to increase our understanding is what makes us beyond human; spiritual beings having a human experience. So forgive yourself, embrace your mistakes and learn in order to be a better you. 

Live long and prosper fockers,

Tiffany MichellĂ© đŸ––

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Breaking free but not broken…


This is the first time in a relationship that I didn’t put a portion of my happiness in someone else’s hands. Meaning that I knew that he couldn’t make me happy and therefore I didn’t burden him with that responsibility. I understood that my happiness could only come from inside of me. I was happy going in and I’m still happy even though the relationship came to an end. I own my happy and therefore I also own my life. This is also the first relationship I’ve experienced while being 100% emotionally healthy. I suffered no damaging emotional pain and I didn’t take his pain personal.

The experience showed me how ok I am with being single. Its funny how you think you desire an experience only to find that you don’t really need it. That’s tremendous growth for me because I used to feel incomplete if I wasn’t in a relationship.

We’ve been conditioned to think that we are incomplete if we aren’t with someone. By time you’re 30, family, society and etc. are yelling, YOU SHOULD BE MARRIED!! Then as soon as you get married, they pressure you to reproduce. Hey that’s what people are supposed to do, right? If you divorce, its shame on you!

In the middle of all those demands, not many people are asked, “What do you want?” We are told what to do, by religion, other people, the media and etc. And let’s not talk about the labels placed on our depending on our relationship status…

This freedom has put me in a entirely different place within myself. Now I know I have a choice, I have options. There’s absolutely no internal pressure. I can do whatever or whomever and still be ok! A relationship is no longer mandatory to me. If one happens, it’ll be complimentary, not absolutely necessary. I cannot describe this new feeling but I just love it!

You can learn a lot when you’re paying attention, especially to yourself…

Until next time my scrumptious lovebuckets,
Tiffany Michellè


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Recreating the mistakes we make…

Recreating the mistakes we make…

We’ve been led to believe that mistakes are the worse things we can make. But quite the contrary, mistakes are the best teachers, if the mistake isn’t detrimental or fatal in some way. Allow me to explain…

What does a mistake teach us? A mistake or a misstep as I like to call them, teach us how not to do something. If we choose to try again, that mistake teaches us how to do whatever we attempted to do differently the next time. With our mission being not to make the same mistake.

We’ve coined this entire process as experience. Contrary to popular belief the most effective experience cannot be typed out on a rèsumè. This kind of learning has the most impact in our lives because it’s initiated by our emotions. When we’ve made a misstep we quickly analyze, most times unconsciously, how the mistake feels. When we realize it was a mistake, in that very moment, most of us have a premonition or an understanding that we don’t want to feel that way again. But even though we’ve gained something from the experience, we still tend to curse the mistake when actually it was the mistake that created the experience gained and the lesson learned. It’s the experiences in our lives that contribute to our growth and progression is what life’s about – internal progression, mental, emotional and so on.

The thing is, most of us have been reared in a society that teaches us that mistakes are negative and to be avoided. We are shamed when we make a mistake. But if we were in a freely creative and open minded society we would understand that the best experience comes from the mistakes we make. Instead of being shamed we should be praised for at least trying. Imagine that…imagine how much we could’ve learned if we weren’t afraid of making a mistake. Imagine how much more creative and imaginative we could’ve been. Thank goodness it’s not too late.

So with all of that being said, don’t ever be afraid to make a mistake whether it’s in love or whatever. Never be afraid to dust yourself off and try again.  Just be creative, free and open minded enough to learn from the experience instead of cursing it, in order to become a better Y-O-U.


Until we meet again my sweet bublicious bootys,


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