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In dating and relationships, people tend to take the road most frequently traveled, they attempt to play it safe, not going against the grain. If we won’t be our true selves – faults, insecurities, hurts and all, how is the right person supposed to get to know us? Why tip toe around subjects or issues to avoid healthy conflict? It’s in the ingredients where we find our weaknesses and our growth. It’s in the confusion that we find clarity. Working through it all, is where we can find each other.

Tiffany MichellĂ© 💋

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The Spine-Chilling Tales of Poor Sapp #Single-ton

“Tough world being Single, truly is. I have observed what some of my single friends and associates go thru and I’d be scared to be in the dating world. We have even produced events for sinwaitwhatgles and will do so again cause we know it is rough.”

My reaction after I read the quote above>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



If you’re happy and single by choice, raise your hand! (Raises hand) If you’re sad and lonely because you’re still waiting on Mr. or Misses Right to appear out of a bright light in the sky and save you, come here suga dumplings and give me a hug…Cute lil thing. (Cops a feel)

PSA: Being single is not like having the plague.

I was skimming instagram today and I came across the quote posted above and I must be honest in saying, the shenanigans (a pretty word for shit) bothered me. You see, I have an issue when people make being single seem like having a disease that can only be cured by another person. Why? Because while some of us are attempting to bring sunshine into people’s lives, others are making them feel less than based upon their relationship status. ✔ marking a box indicating you’re SINGLE doesn’t make you a poor unfortunate soul just as being in a relationship doesn’t automatically provide you with infinite orgasmic goodness.

Why must people continue to correlate being single with being unhappy or assume that everyone who is single, is single and looking? Some prefer companionship over a committed relationship, others might find joy in having options and some are perfectly content being by themselves. The preferences go on and on and everyones’ differ.

If someone reading this tidbit already felt bad about being single beforehand, they might just be suicidal afterwards.

sad-broken-heart-l(DON’T KILL YOURSELF!!! WE’D MISS YOU!!)

People let’s stop with all the “my situation is happier aka better than yours because …” ways of thinking. If it wasn’t the writer’s intention to make being single sound scary and grim, he should’ve remained mute until he figured out how not to sound like he was cramming all single people into this tight fitting, locker room stinky and spooky box. Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad just as being single doesn’t signify negativity or someone not being enough. Single people don’t need sympathy, we need healthy self esteem to be able to deal with the unwarranted societal stereotypes and stigmas placed on us by who knows who and who knows what.

So how about this, instead of writing about your cretinous scenarios of the single life, if you must share, buy us single folk some buttered popcorn, lightly salted along with some peach schnapps with a gigantic drop of vodka and tell us all about the delectable delights of your particular relationship or you can wait until we are all white girl wasted and tell us how rough you believe being single is. We won’t remember a damn thing â˜ș.

Until next time my sweet little suga pops!

Tiffany Michellé

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Media Manic…

I’m just going to talk. No order, no premeditated timeline, just talk…

So this morning after I was done checking my plethora of work related emails, I pick up my phone. I open the Facebook app and begin to put my right thumb to work. Scrolling down, scrolling down…I saw one video of a comedian from Brooklyn, NY. He was freaking hilarious but unfortunately the spark of laughter was short lived.
As my thumbs continued to scroll down, all I saw was a bunch of nothingness and an immerse feeling of boredom took over me. Then I began to feel slightly irritated.


Within seconds I realized how meaningless all of it was. What was it all for? For the most part no one was even talking about anything worthwhile.
Next time you walk into a cafe, a bar or another social place, witness how many people are holding their phones, overworking their thumbs; meanwhile the libraries are empty. There’s much less chatted amongst people.
I heard someone say,

“We are a bunch of dumb people with smart phones.”

I had to laugh because it’s so true. People have become so overwhelming distracted by the people in the screen that they neglect to spend quality time with those in their reality. I’ve never seen so many ways to short cut actually writing out full words in my life! It took me forever to figure out what CTFU meant and THOT, seriously what’s all that about. People say they are private but they are quick to share their thoughts, quirks, fantasies and etc. online. In person they put up walls; I don’t get it.

What is it about virtual life that’s so fascinating? Is your real life so mundane that spending time socially networking makes it seem more exciting? How much more information do the people in the screen know about you then others do? Do they know your curiosities, your likes and pet peeves more than the people with whom you have intimate relationships do? If the answer is yes, there might be an issue.

A couple years ago, I began making myself go places alone. I’d go to the movies, to the bar to watch sports, to restaurants and etc. by myself. Then I’d analyze how I felt, my behavior and I’d also people watch. I found that a little while after I sat down, I’d whip out my phone. Once I realized this, I asked myself why. I’d look around and see other people doing the same thing. We were all a bunch of lonely insecure folks! People who are in public alone often feel uncomfortable. So they either talk on the phone or do something in the phone. This makes them feel like someone else is there with them. Next time you go somewhere, pay attention and you’ll see that it’s true.

You know what’s even worse? Having to compete with Facebook and other sites for your loved one’s attention. You ever text or call and hours pass without response but you’ll see that they’ve been on Facebook or posted a picture on Instagram? How did that make you feel? Or how about this, a parent is sitting with their kid and the kid does something super cute but the parent is too busy in the phone to notice? They’re missing precious moments, right? Or a couple sitting down to eat, one person is in their phone and the other is just sitting there looking like wtf? Where are our priorities nowadays?

We are allowing social media to deplete the intimacy we once had in our relationships. We are neglecting the people in our reality, for fantasy. We are ignoring issues that subside within us: self-esteem, self-awareness and etc. Next time you’re out alone, put your phone up and witness how much you’ve been missing. Check out the scenery, people watch, analyze yourself and see how you feel…after that come back and leave a comment. Then I can reply, I told you so lol.

Until next time my sweets,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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Positive Patty meets Real Ass Rachel :-)

Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for their shortcomings. Recognize when someone is attempting to put their bs on you. Either call them out on it or from a distance remain silent but do not under any circumstances, accept that shit! 🙂


Until we meet again my loves,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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Doing you…

Being afraid to be you isn’t about who you are to other people, it’s about who you are to yourself. If they truly love you, they’ll accept you. So do you boo. If they move around, they lose not you.


~ Tiffany Michellé.

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Ah ha!

EmbraceLove yourself enough to recognize the insecurities within others and to give them the space and time they need to heal. If someone is confused about their identity, they have yet to come into who they are. If they cannot distinguish who they are, what makes you think that you have the ability to turn on their “ah ha” light in order for them to recognize who you are? It doesn’t work like that.

We cannot discover the identity of others until we first realize our own. Recognizing self comes from the love of self. If a person does not love themselves within every morsel of their being, they cannot love you. Release them and Embrace Yourself.

Until next time my loves,

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