The Spine-Chilling Tales of Poor Sapp #Single-ton

30 Mar

“Tough world being Single, truly is. I have observed what some of my single friends and associates go thru and I’d be scared to be in the dating world. We have even produced events for sinwaitwhatgles and will do so again cause we know it is rough.”

My reaction after I read the quote above>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



If you’re happy and single by choice, raise your hand! (Raises hand) If you’re sad and lonely because you’re still waiting on Mr. or Misses Right to appear out of a bright light in the sky and save you, come here suga dumplings and give me a hug…Cute lil thing. (Cops a feel)

PSA: Being single is not like having the plague.

I was skimming instagram today and I came across the quote posted above and I must be honest in saying, the shenanigans (a pretty word for shit) bothered me. You see, I have an issue when people make being single seem like having a disease that can only be cured by another person. Why? Because while some of us are attempting to bring sunshine into people’s lives, others are making them feel less than based upon their relationship status. ✔ marking a box indicating you’re SINGLE doesn’t make you a poor unfortunate soul just as being in a relationship doesn’t automatically provide you with infinite orgasmic goodness.

Why must people continue to correlate being single with being unhappy or assume that everyone who is single, is single and looking? Some prefer companionship over a committed relationship, others might find joy in having options and some are perfectly content being by themselves. The preferences go on and on and everyones’ differ.

If someone reading this tidbit already felt bad about being single beforehand, they might just be suicidal afterwards.

sad-broken-heart-l(DON’T KILL YOURSELF!!! WE’D MISS YOU!!)

People let’s stop with all the “my situation is happier aka better than yours because …” ways of thinking. If it wasn’t the writer’s intention to make being single sound scary and grim, he should’ve remained mute until he figured out how not to sound like he was cramming all single people into this tight fitting, locker room stinky and spooky box. Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad just as being single doesn’t signify negativity or someone not being enough. Single people don’t need sympathy, we need healthy self esteem to be able to deal with the unwarranted societal stereotypes and stigmas placed on us by who knows who and who knows what.

So how about this, instead of writing about your cretinous scenarios of the single life, if you must share, buy us single folk some buttered popcorn, lightly salted along with some peach schnapps with a gigantic drop of vodka and tell us all about the delectable delights of your particular relationship or you can wait until we are all white girl wasted and tell us how rough you believe being single is. We won’t remember a damn thing â˜ș.

Until next time my sweet little suga pops!

Tiffany Michellé

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4 responses to “The Spine-Chilling Tales of Poor Sapp #Single-ton

  1. CUCH

    March 31, 2015 at 2:01 AM

    You’re spot on, once again. I empathise with that position having been there, but then I had a situation where the one person in the world who I thought wanted me never loved me. My negative mindset was internal based on my marriage experiences.

    For most others, it’s a case that they treat people as accessories and have swallowed the marketing material that having somebody to call their partner will make them happy. Even when they are dating they treat people as accessories when they have a list of things that person must have. In the grand scheme of things, these requirements are often unimportant for everybody else.

    Those people will never be happy until they realise they should stop treating people as human beings rather than as appliances.


    • Tiffany MichellĂ©

      March 31, 2015 at 6:23 AM

      Reading this made me want to shout like I was Baptist or Presbyterian or whoever shouts with joy in church lol. Idk I don’t go lol. You are sooooo right CUCH! People do treat people as accessories and if their self esteem is low, they allow themselves to be treated like that as well.
      People act as if you aren’t in a relationship, you aren’t loved and that my friend is far from true.
      It took me a lot of unsuccessful endeavors to realize I liked being single. All of a sudden, the light came on and I was like “duh.” I’ve been a parent for 18 years now…a doing it all by myself one. I’ve been sacrificing my wants, my time and giving and giving and giving. Baby, I need a break. I’m ready to be selfish and selective with my time. She’s college bound in a few months and when the kids away, mommas gonna play!
      As always, I appreciate your comments CUCH, much ❀.


      • CUCH

        March 31, 2015 at 7:20 AM

        Damn, we’re both just too full of awesome, aren’t we?

        Lol. When I met my now girlfriend, it was at a time when everything was on the up for me and I realised that my happiness did not depend on me meeting this new person, it was already there, growing like a seed.

        Now I have one marriage behind me, I’m not scared of being single any more.


      • Tiffany MichellĂ©

        March 31, 2015 at 7:59 AM




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