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Media Manic…

I’m just going to talk. No order, no premeditated timeline, just talk…

So this morning after I was done checking my plethora of work related emails, I pick up my phone. I open the Facebook app and begin to put my right thumb to work. Scrolling down, scrolling down…I saw one video of a comedian from Brooklyn, NY. He was freaking hilarious but unfortunately the spark of laughter was short lived.
As my thumbs continued to scroll down, all I saw was a bunch of nothingness and an immerse feeling of boredom took over me. Then I began to feel slightly irritated.


Within seconds I realized how meaningless all of it was. What was it all for? For the most part no one was even talking about anything worthwhile.
Next time you walk into a cafe, a bar or another social place, witness how many people are holding their phones, overworking their thumbs; meanwhile the libraries are empty. There’s much less chatted amongst people.
I heard someone say,

“We are a bunch of dumb people with smart phones.”

I had to laugh because it’s so true. People have become so overwhelming distracted by the people in the screen that they neglect to spend quality time with those in their reality. I’ve never seen so many ways to short cut actually writing out full words in my life! It took me forever to figure out what CTFU meant and THOT, seriously what’s all that about. People say they are private but they are quick to share their thoughts, quirks, fantasies and etc. online. In person they put up walls; I don’t get it.

What is it about virtual life that’s so fascinating? Is your real life so mundane that spending time socially networking makes it seem more exciting? How much more information do the people in the screen know about you then others do? Do they know your curiosities, your likes and pet peeves more than the people with whom you have intimate relationships do? If the answer is yes, there might be an issue.

A couple years ago, I began making myself go places alone. I’d go to the movies, to the bar to watch sports, to restaurants and etc. by myself. Then I’d analyze how I felt, my behavior and I’d also people watch. I found that a little while after I sat down, I’d whip out my phone. Once I realized this, I asked myself why. I’d look around and see other people doing the same thing. We were all a bunch of lonely insecure folks! People who are in public alone often feel uncomfortable. So they either talk on the phone or do something in the phone. This makes them feel like someone else is there with them. Next time you go somewhere, pay attention and you’ll see that it’s true.

You know what’s even worse? Having to compete with Facebook and other sites for your loved one’s attention. You ever text or call and hours pass without response but you’ll see that they’ve been on Facebook or posted a picture on Instagram? How did that make you feel? Or how about this, a parent is sitting with their kid and the kid does something super cute but the parent is too busy in the phone to notice? They’re missing precious moments, right? Or a couple sitting down to eat, one person is in their phone and the other is just sitting there looking like wtf? Where are our priorities nowadays?

We are allowing social media to deplete the intimacy we once had in our relationships. We are neglecting the people in our reality, for fantasy. We are ignoring issues that subside within us: self-esteem, self-awareness and etc. Next time you’re out alone, put your phone up and witness how much you’ve been missing. Check out the scenery, people watch, analyze yourself and see how you feel…after that come back and leave a comment. Then I can reply, I told you so lol.

Until next time my sweets,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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Attract or Divorce?

10550972_798868730160018_2102086029458271520_nDo opposites really attract? We’ve all heard the clichĂ©, “Opposites attract” but is it really true in regard to love & relationships? What do you believe? Is anyone living this in reality?

I posted these questions on my Facebook fan page today. I didn’t receive as many comments as I would have if my question may have been about a woman holding up a sign on the side of the road with the picture of the woman who her husband was cheating on her with and calling her the town whore but I got a few lol.

  • Opposites do attract, but not as much as people are attracted to people they have in common things with
  • Yes, I believe it’s true. Yet, due to us being opposite I’m in a constant state of learning
  • I believe opposites do attract – because of the intrigue.
    But because of the differences – the attraction isn’t strong enough to develop the bond that is needed for longevity
  • I think so, if people look past all their differences they may find that they actually compliment each other. In the areas where one is weak the other is strong

In love and relationships I believe there must be some sort of commonality in order to effectively attract another person; there needs to be a certain level of likeness between two people for any type of union to sustain itself. We all understand that differences will always come up because we are dealing with people with separate minds, dissimilar preferences and diverse experiences. As one person stated, we could use those differences to teach us and help us grow or we could use those differences to add to us in areas we see ourselves as weak. It is how we deal with those differences that will show where we are as two people in one relationship and where we are as individuals within ourselves. All in all, relationships are about choice. We choose what we can deal with and what we cannot deal with.

Our similarities bond us, our differences build us.

Until we meet again love bugs,

Tiffany Michellé

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Lone ranger…

No one will treat you how you desire to be treated until you do it first! If you continue to settle for less than what you feel you truly deserve, unhappiness and regret will follow you.

Be courageous enough to stand alone until the right person is willing to stand beside you.


Until next time sweet babies,
Tiffany MichellĂš
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“I fell in love with you while you were sleeping. Your story was written on my heart. Somehow when I looked into your eyes, I knew I loved you from the start. I don’t speak of when I first observed you. The time I dictate begins when the world was made anew. It was back when space was first created, when I remembered that I would always love you. A time when the earth took its first breath. A time when the moon decided it would glow. The passion I feel for you is so deep, it grows to boundless limits, even while you sleep. To what degree you’ve touched my soul? The world may never know.”

Until we meet again my love,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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There’s no “I” in team…

Couples: When you decided to join together, you both made the conscious decision (hopefully) to become a team. At that point, life was no longer solely about you and it wasn’t solely about them. It was and is about what’s best for the team collectively.

Despite what disagreements we have with our partners or when we allow our egos to get in the way; we must remember that we made the decision to spend our moments with one particular person for a reason and when times get rough we need to refer back to why we made the decision to be together in the first place.

Everyone won’t always agree. We are all different. We have all had different experiences that have molded us into who we are. Whether all of our characteristics or tendencies are healthy or whether they even make sense, for right now we are who we are until we decide to change. We all have different minds full of various thoughts and actually that’s a beautiful thing. The diversity gives us the opportunity to learn new things, gain different perspectives and this process contributes to our growth. If we could see our differences in this way maybe it’d be easier for us to set our egos aside, give up the need to be right in disagreements and focus on whatever is best for the team.

At the end of the day, it’s about the LOVE.


Until next time suga pies,
Tiffany Michellé

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Dear John…

“To be at that inner place of complete peace, surrending silence and absolute love; you have to let go of your ego.”


Until we meet again loves,
Tiffany MichellĂš

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“An environment where you can be yourself 24/7 & be accepted 100% without judgment. That’s home.”


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Until we meet again my loves,
Tiffany MichellĂš

Where the heart is…

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