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The good, the bad & the beautiful…

When difficult experiences arrive, Life grants us the opportunity to seek understanding and at times the best way to learn is to discover alternative perspectives. If we can change our sight in order to uplift our minds, we could see things differently easily. Practicing this is essential to growing and finding good even in hard times. When we attempt to find the good in the experiences we label as bad, we learn that it’s easier to control our emotions, instead of allowing them to control us. If we pay attention and don’t mind growing through the pain, we will find that difficult times teach us how to be better. 

Live long and prosper đŸ––,

Tiffany Michellé

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Eyes wide shut…

Eyes wide shut…


There are plenty of good men out there but there’s a catch.
If you’re so focused on the
untruism that there aren’t,
you won’t be able to see Him.

It’s been said, if you change your thoughts, if you change your mind – you can change your life. But if you put so much energy into believing that a person doesn’t exist, how can you ever see them in your reality?

I’ve heard so many ladies kick, cry and scream that they want a good man but in the next breath, she or another dame she calls a “friend,” will speak the most idiotic words ever known to woman…BUT THERE AREN’T ANY GOOD MEN OUT THERE or ALL MEN ARE DOGS! #killyoself. Do you mean to tell me that you truly believe that out of the millions of men in the world, none of them are good? Seriously?

What’s yalls problem?! I’ll answer that! You’re scared! You’re scared that if you believe he exists you’ll be responsible for attracting him, trusting him and loving yourself enough to love him and that would mandate you putting your heart on the line. You’re scared that if you do that, you’ll get hurt. You’re allowing fear to prohibit you from attracting and receiving the very thing your heart yearns for so much – Love. Now why would you ever go and do such a thing to yourself?

Idk who made you believe that you aren’t worthy of receiving every freaking single thing you desire but who cares what they said or what they did, FUCK THEM!

Listen to me ladies because I know your heart and I’ve been where you are.
Read this part aloud…Do it dammit!!!

I am strong enough, I am worthy enough, I am good enough, I am attractive enough, I am smart enough, I am sexy enough. I AM ENOUGH!!!!
(Go look in the mirror and say it over and over again.)

All you’ve got to do is believe it to receive it!!!!

Until next time my sweet babies, I love you all…




Disclaimer: Don’t kill yourself. The statement is a figure of speech and I am not directing you to actually do it. If you do, because I have given this disclaimer I will not be liable. Please don’t though.


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