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The residue of the reflection of you absent of hue Lifeless The suns shines a little brighter since you’ve been gone When I recall your tone, I’m remember why I’d rather be alone When the Moon dictates the sky line my bones shake chills my feet grow cold That’s why they make blankets I should’ve known then as I know now I would’ve spent more time sipping wine, enjoying the moments as I unwind listening to jazz I should’ve got more ass…sets Saving my dimes and my mind Years of fear the time wasted But what can I say I was jaded Hiding behind rose colored glasses I hated I waited so long to leave You didn’t add to me Only my age increased I thought it was love but it was a disease An ailment that plagued my Soul I thought I was full An illusion I was empty I’ve come to my senses I’m different Stronger more realistic than I used to be You named my motives selfish for Loving me more than I did you Sipping wine unwinding in my moments in time listening to jazz getting more ass Glad our time has passed.
Tiffany Michellé
Copyright 2014

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