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a figment of my imagination…

a figment of my imagination...

“A relation absent of authentic communication isn’t a tangible affiliation; it’s more like a mendacious association.”

Tiffany Michellé aka Almostdating007

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Sister Friends ~

Sister Friends ~

My spirit takes me back to when we would run together. We would play in the fields, smiling and laughing like we didn’t have a care in the world. All we had was each other and that’s all that mattered. Our hearts were pure. The love we had for each other was true. After we got off the bus, we’d eat a snack and run outside to jump double dutch. We were best friends. Back then I never thought our time would end.

Currently when we see each other you look at me up and down like the “others” do. You seem ashamed of the natural me. I don’t hate you for covering yours up. From the inside out, you’ll always be beautiful to me. We used to be so close, like sisters, now what is it in me you see?

Don’t you understand that without you, there is no me. Without me you cannot stand, in order for us to make it, we’ll need to hold hands, like we used to do when we were just girls; when we were innocent, before we were tainted by the ways of the world.

Until you remember who we used to be, I’ll be waiting. When you come back I won’t judge you. I will accept and love you for everything you are and for all the things that you are not. We will skip in the wind like we used to…I hope you return soon because I miss you.

© 2014 Tiffany Michellé aka Almostdating007

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