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Subjective Deception

depressionLove’s apparition

Neglected reciprocation

Endlessly empty

Fear screams

Endogenous vacancy

Yearning for fidelity

Survival is nothing unless it derives from someone else

The lies you whisper to yourself

© 2014 Tiffany Michellé

AKA Almostdating007

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Get your happy ass on!!!


So you’re in a new relationship, you’re excited! You want to profess your love to the world!!! But when you do, the world says:
The bliss is only in the beginning.
This happiness is short-lived and when reality hits it’ll fade away.
You just met Mr./Ms. Such and Such, the real them isn’t out yet.

Now your excitement has faded and now you’re fearful. Listen, you have to understand something, unhappy people say unhappy people shit and if a person is unhappy in their own lives and they choose to exist in despair, that’s all they can see. They won’t be able to give you an optimist point of view and if you know they’re unhappy or jealous hearted, no matter how much you want their blessing, don’t expect them to. They can’t give you something they don’t presently have within themselves.

It’s like asking a prisoner for freedom. An advanced mind knows although he’s physically captive, his mind and spirit can be free. But to the mental and emotional prisoner, freedom is out of his realm of reality.

The truth is that Love can last, happiness and blissful experiences can stand the test of time, that’s not a myth or a mystery.


Two happy people is all it takes. Being a happy person adds a lot of other positive attributes to you: Patience, love, understanding and etc.

See, when you’re happy with yourself and your life before you enter a relationship, it’s easier for you to be yourself. You’re happy with you, you don’t know anything else. You don’t feel the need to be fake. You’re real and true.

You know that the sole individual responsible for your happiness is you. You understand your partner can add to the happiness that already resides within you but they cannot take it away.

When you’re happy, you take less things personal because you’re not on the defense and easily offended. When your partner is having a bad day, you know you’re not entitled to fix them or it. You just continue being your ole happy self and eventually they’ll feel better because they understand what it takes to elevate.


The scenario is completely different with a couple that consists of two unhappy people. One person is having a bad day. The other takes offense. They think it’s about them or they don’t give their partner the time they need to work through it. They nag or blame and now both parties have unproductive attitudes. They end up arguing over frivolous things and shit that doesn’t make sense. It’s the negative energy that exists in both of them.

So the next time you feel the need to skip your little happy go lucky and in love ass over melancholy Mindy’s house to share the news of your blossoming and loving sex pot of a relationship, think again.

Until we meet again suga pies,


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Nigeria’s most treasured, missing…

While the world is still grumbling about a racist basketball owner, our Mother Land is in tears. Their hearts are in fear and their lives have been terrorized. 16 days ago 234 Nigerian school aged girls were abducted by a militant terrorist group called the Boko Haram. The girls were sold as brides at the price of $12 apiece. In this moment my hands are shaking so badly, it’s difficult for me to write. I am outraged! My heart is crying out…

safe_imageWhere is the government???- Their government, our government, anybody’s freaking government?! There has been no major search party for these children.

The first day that plane disappeared; several countries were at sea searching for the lost. When that boat came up missing, the same urgency was displayed. Both situations were on every news channel. No one except for these children’s families is searching for these innocent girls after 16 days!! This hasn’t been declared as a world tragedy. They are only African girls. When they cry out, no one is listening.

When Russia is having issues, when N. Korea is suspect, when questions arise in the Middle East, the US is right there smack dap in the middle, the 1st to show up in other countries.

obama_african_familyOur President has roots in Africa, his father – pure African, these are his people too. Last time I checked he was in the Philippines

I cannot see through my tears,




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