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Beautiful Shit…

Beautiful Shit…

Picture this…you’re walking through a gate that leads to a backyard. There’s gorgeous people partying everywhere!! You see a gleaming olympic sized pool, a bubbly jacuzzi, a basketball court and then a quaint little guesthouse. You step into the guesthouse which is completely furnished, the queen sized bed folds into the wall, the pool tables calling your name but comfy looking couches with nice looking ladies are calling you too, wink wink. The aroma of homecooked food is tantalizing and teasing your tastebuds. As you veer to the left of the kitchen, there’s a bookshelf. Now STOP!!

This is the bookshelf that changed my life!

The bookshelf is a door that gives access to the underground hideaway cave in the guesthouse!! The book shelf opens and leads you down some stairs, these stairs guide you to the secret lear, now turning to the right you see 8-10 theatre seats, a big ass scene TV in the wall, a personal bathroom and temperature controlled wine cellar and a marble bar. I don’t know about you but when I see things like this, it makes question my life lol. I thought I was doing pretty well until yesterday.

Now, you may be thinking…what does this have to do with dating and relationships? Well if you shushhhh, quit asking me questions and relax, I’ll tell you. Although I had a blast with my friends at this party yesterday, last night I went to bed kind of pissed. Not at anyone else but at myself.

See, people say it’s good to have a heart like mine, sweet, loving and kind but when you go through life always giving, if you allow yourself to be with people who don’t give back and you don’t give to yourself, you wind up empty.

Last night I thought of all the time I’ve wasted feeding into individuals who didn’t deserve to be with me when I could’ve been happily building an empire with someone who was worthy. I was too busy not seeing ME and instead seeing this illusion of potentiality within them that they didn’t even see.

At times we see others for who we want them to be and not for who they are and it’s detrimental to us because it’s not real. If you see a pile of shit, even if there are flowers growing out of it, it’s still shit and no matter how much the flowers may distract you, you have to see it for what it is. It’s the same with people.

Don’t waste your life away putting yourself, your heart and your desires on the backburner. Recognize your worth and wait for someone who deserves you. Accept the fact that you aren’t responsible for changing people. They might change in the future but for right now, they are who they are. Take the time to get to know people before you seriously commit. Ask yourself, if they never change and they stay the same, would you want to continue dealing with them? If not, see it for what it is – Beautiful Shit!!! And move the fuck around Clown lol.

Until we meet again my sweets,

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