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So you say you’re a side chick…

So you say you’re a side chick…

With a few minutes left for V Day on the West Coast, I’m sitting on the counter of my kitchen with my glass of wine, chocolate covered strawberries, sporting my Chuck Taylors and I’m thinking. So with these thoughts in mind, I’ll give you this…

No one is worth being unhappy for just to say you have someone on any day. Many times I’ve seen someone knowingly settle for less than they deserve just to feel the illusion of completeness. I’ve done it and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere and it hasn’t stopped being sad and sickening that we waste our time and effort being unhappy.

As I watched the facebook posts today I saw so many downing the “side chick,” you know the woman that a man keeps on the side despite him being in a relationship. I found the ridicule sad because I don’t find other people’s pain to be comical or something to be made fun of. When it comes down to it, there’s something emotionally out of wack with a person who chooses to set their happiness to the side or throw it completely out of the picture for any reason, let alone someone else. There’s a deeper issue there and instead of ridicule, those individuals need to learn how to practice self love until it becomes like breathing. They need guidance not harsh words.

I pride myself for making great strides and changes within myself. Letting go of toxic relationships and not allowing the selfish tendencies of others to guilt or hinder me. But I might not have been able to get to this point without help. Help from friends and family that love me and from my life coach. They say it takes a village to raise a child but sometimes it takes that same village to help an adult when the child in them is still suffering from emotional scars that have neglected to heal.

So with 0 minutes left on this Valentine’s Day, I want to send some love to the side chicks. I was once where you are and I hope with all of my heart:
That one day soon you’ll realize your worth!
That you’ll believe that you’re a truly amazing human being!
That you deserve to be treated like a queen!
That you deserve to be a priority and not just an option!
That you’ll put yourself first in your life instead of settling for second place in someone else’s!
That you deserved to heal and you deserve to be truly happy!

Much love my sistah and good luck…

Until Next Time,


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From the RanDom ThouGhts of Almostdating007


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Why he’s SiNgLe???


“Women aren’t single because of men, we are single because of women!” Yup I said it! You mad bro???

Women are always complaining about there being no good single men. We’ve heard it all from “all men are dogs, all men are the same,” so on and so on. But throughout my recent dating experiences I’ve learned that there’s certainly more than two sides to every story. There are plenty of good single men, all men aren’t dogs and they’re definitely not all the same. In my opinion, they’re tired and not tired in the lazy sense; they’re tired of women’s bullshit.


I’ve met guys from diverse places and it seems like they all have similar stories. She cheated…she wasn’t who she pretended to be…she got pregnant on purpose…she keeps my baby away from me…she was just with me for my money…nothing was good enough for her. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve heard all sorts of debaucheries.

Some women cheat, use men for money, have unrealistic expectations and lie with the best of them (And ladies don’t get your panties all in a bunch, I specifically said SOME women, not all. Calm down damn!)

But very different from women, men seem to have the kind of scars that keep them out of relationships because of the heartache and being let down. A scorned woman will hold on to the pain, displaying it in different ways but she will still jump from relationship to relationship trying to find the ideal man or change a man into the ideal man for her. All the while not understanding that she’s the one who needs the most internal work/help, not him. Unlike most of the ladies, most men are perfectly fine staying single.

Men get tired of the masks that women wear just like women get tired of the lies men tell. Some women walk around like they’re the victims but more are suspects than they’re willing to admit. Only revealing their surfaces and selling these men dreams so when they meet us truly genuine women, men can’t tell fake from reality.

Until next time my supple homosapiens,


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Girl Rules…

Girl Rule #33 – A girl should keep a healthy number of unemployed friends who will bring her food when she’s sick.

Girl Rule #12 – If he doesn’t have a car and he doesn’t cook, it doesn’t matter how good the sex is.

Girl Rule #107 – If you just met him and he frequently talks about sex, texts about sex and sends pictures of sex. Most likely he’s looking for sex. Make a decision.

From the random thoughts of… AlmostDating007

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