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Nigeria’s most treasured, missing…

While the world is still grumbling about a racist basketball owner, our Mother Land is in tears. Their hearts are in fear and their lives have been terrorized. 16 days ago 234 Nigerian school aged girls were abducted by a militant terrorist group called the Boko Haram. The girls were sold as brides at the price of $12 apiece. In this moment my hands are shaking so badly, it’s difficult for me to write. I am outraged! My heart is crying out…

safe_imageWhere is the government???- Their government, our government, anybody’s freaking government?! There has been no major search party for these children.

The first day that plane disappeared; several countries were at sea searching for the lost. When that boat came up missing, the same urgency was displayed. Both situations were on every news channel. No one except for these children’s families is searching for these innocent girls after 16 days!! This hasn’t been declared as a world tragedy. They are only African girls. When they cry out, no one is listening.

When Russia is having issues, when N. Korea is suspect, when questions arise in the Middle East, the US is right there smack dap in the middle, the 1st to show up in other countries.

obama_african_familyOur President has roots in Africa, his father – pure African, these are his people too. Last time I checked he was in the Philippines…

I cannot see through my tears,




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