Drug Induced Sappiness ; )

17 Apr

The gift we have as writers is not an everyday gift. Very few professions can take something intangible like thought and create something tangible like words transcribed on a piece of paper leaving an imprint on a person’s heart that lasts a lifetime. Writing is not just the recording of our most inner thoughts onto a keyboard. Writing is the visible connection that invisibly links us to the minds of other beings. When you touch a person with words, you’ve tapped into another man’s reality without even being in his presence. Like music, it has the power to travel from the exterior of a person’s existence into the depths of their soul. The words we articulate have the will to boost a reader to their highest height and the power to pull them down to their lowest whoa. Our words birth emotion. They initiate fear, we gift courage. We ignite fires of passion. We generate laughter; we are the creators of tears. Our thoughts save lives. Writing saves us…


There’s something to be said about a person who can stir up the creativity within another. When you inspire me to write, my soul is born again. Your presence persuades me to dive into the truest part of my truest self. The world is mute, only beauty shines through. When you inspire me to write good things, you bless me with the purest form of joy. You warm my heart. When you inspire me to write, you comfort me. You cause my dreams to radiate truth through you. Today, you have inspired me to write and for that my friend, I love you.



Until next time sweet peas,

(I’m beautifully emotional today, blame it on the cold medicine : )



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