Down with mediocrity!!!

22 Mar
Down with mediocrity!!!

When you wanted Prince Charming but ended up with the court jester. When you desired Cinderella but instead you knocked up her evil step sister with the ginormous feet….hmmmm. We’ve all done it. We’ve desired the most but accepted the least. You were financially decent, they were unemployed. You were health conscious, they were a junk food junkie. You’re attractive inside and out. Them? Not so much. You take pride in yourself and your body. They give up the cookies or the shaft to anyone with legs. See my point? You’ve got to seek within yourself and ask some clarifying questions. Come on, repeat after me…Self? Why do I keep settling for dumb fucks? Self? Why do I keep dating broke bitches with bad attitudes?

We all have that one person we’ve dated that every time you think back, you’re like why in the hell did I ever date them?!  #myex Are we just some impatient little assholes who can’t wait for the right person to come along? Delayed gratification, what’s that right? Do we think we’re aiming too high? Unconsciously, we must because we’re constantly landing low. Some might hit the middle target but if that’s not what we truly want, we can’t say we’ve achieved anything. What? You wanna high five because you landed the evil step sister with the small feet? No dude, sit down somewhere lol.

Seriously, think about it, where has the attitude of #fuckdelayedgratification gotten us? Heartache, despair, our time wasted and maybe even chlamydia. You little nasty suckas lol, wrap it up! We might have learned a few lessons about people but we need to be learning about ourselves. In some instances we learned a little but we’re still making the same damn mistakes over and over. It’s time to snap out of it!


You deserve whatever and whoever you want! It’s your life and it’s about being happy. It’s not about accepting mediocrity. Some people may say you’re selfish, conceited or whatever but that’s only because they have low self esteem and they believe just being content is good enough. Fuck that! I’d rather work on myself in the meantime and be patient than to end up with the unemployed, unhealthy, buttface with gonorrhea who can’t even give good head. Wouldn’t you? Ijs…

I just winked at you sweet lips,

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