when white turns to grey

06 Mar

when white turns to grey

Experiencing moments of intimacy with Self but in the form of someone else…woman. She breathes the same breath as you. Elicits you feel to as if expressing your admiration for her is taboo. So hard to resist, you crave; you salivate for her kiss. On the perch of her breast, you desire for your head to rest, for the remnants of your age. Her mind, overflowing with dynamic beauty; you wish to articulate with her for days. Her intellect leaves your psyche amazed. This sensation has lasted over a lifetime but yet overnight, a second from each calendar day. In her absence her thought remains, causes your essence to vibrate. You don’t believe in soul mates, you say. Subsiding in the depth of her substance causes you to consider another way…when the white day turns to grey she yearns to lay with you, to caress herself within you. The passion between the two seems surreal. Human subsistence causes wonder, is this real? Conscious in the solar prime, dormant after sundown and before sunrise, let the dream continue and she will forever long for you

Until we meet again,

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